Work From Home Due To Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ)

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Now that the country is now on Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) due to COVID-19 pandemic, slow-down of economic activity has been felt widespread in various business industries.

Some companies are compelled to implement a “work-from-home” for non-essentials goods and services, while “frontliners” are still working bravely to provide the much needed and required essential goods and services.

Since by nature BusyMice Team is doing sales activities online, “work-from-home”, or “home-based work” is no longer new to us.

Amid this coronavirus crisis, BusyMice Team is working full-force online at the comfort of our homes, to make sure that the essential products needed by our clients are being delivered, notwithstanding to the limitation of movements of people, goods and services particularly to non-essential commodities.

With the advent of the present internet technology, it’s “business as usual” “working-from-home” for BusyMice Team.

However due to controlled environment brought about by the “Enhanced Community Quarantine”,  it is very important that there will always be close and coordinative communication between our customers and our team to discuss any concerns particularly on the sales order processing and corresponding schedule of delivery.

To get in touch with BusyMice Team, please contact your designated Onlise Sales Admin, or call / email our designated Team Leaders detailed below as follows;

  • Ruel Sumampong
    VP – eCommerce Operations
    Contact Number: +63- 923-524-2538
    Email Address: [email protected]
  • Davon Aurestila
    Online Sales Admin Support
    Contact Number: +63-936-446-7628
    Email Address : [email protected]

Now more than ever, it is important to communicate with us if you have concerns with regards to the products you ordered that has been delayed beyond your expected time of delivery.

Together, We will beat COVID19.

Stay Home. Keep Safe!

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